Calcium boost bolus

In the period around calving, the need for calcium is high. If the body cannot produce calcium quickly enough, the risks of getting milk fever increase. The calcium boost bolus is boosting the calcium balance during the calving period.

  • Three different types of calcium with seperate release speeds
  • Calcium available during a longer period
  • 45 grams of pure calcium
  • Contains vitamine D3 which stimulates calcium absorption by intestines
  • Not irritating to rumen or membranes
  • Contains: calciumformiate, calciumacetate and calciumsulphate
  • One bolus is 175 grams. It dissolves completely within 20 – 30 minutes after administration (fast action)

Prevention of calcium deficiency:

  • 1 bolus at start of calving
  • 2nd bolus after calving
  • 3rd bolus 12 – 15 hrs after 2nd bolus
  • 4th bolus: 12 – 15 hrs after 3rd bolus
    In case of calcium deficiency: 1st bolus 2 – 3 hrs after calving and 2nd bolus: 12 – 15 hrs after 1st bolus
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