Livestock intelligence

SenseHub Dairy or Beef

The new generation in cow monitoring

What is SenseHub?

SenseHub is a modular solution that uses a sophisticated and constantly optimised algorithm to provide practical and useful information on the reproductive, health, nutritional, and well-being status of individual cows and groups.

This unique solution offers a choice of neck or ear tags, as well as varied application levels and user devices.  All elements of the system can be expanded or changed to adapt to fit the evolving needs of farms.  Simple to install and use, and easily up-gradable, SenseHub delivers value from the start, with long-term investment protection.

Practical information, provided by an algorithm that combines activity, rumination and well-being status of the individual cow.

The algorithm used is the result of years of experience.  It can analyse cow behaviour in terms of physical activity, rumination, ingestion time, and other statuses, thus providing the user with accurate and precise information on the reproductive and health status of individual animals and groups.

… that lets you stay constantly in touch with your herd.

SenseHub is the perfect tool to keep you in close contact with your herd.  Like a true guardian angel, it monitors and observes every cow 24/7, alerting you promptly if you need to pay greater attention or take immediate action.

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