We are pleased to announce to our customers that we are users of StrataGen. With […]

Bovine semen

TalaS Ltd is distributor for bovine semen from World Wide Sires (WWS) from the USA. […]

SenseHub cow monitoring

One would expect an advanced cow monitoring system as SenseHub to face some challenges operating […]

New products

We have been a bit quiet the last period but meantime working very hard on […]

Pig concentrates

We are expanding our activities into the pig sector. We have imported high quality pig […]

Downer cow

We have assisted several downer cows. The most likely reason for a cow go down […]

Improve fertility?

A good way to improve the results of breeding is to: give a cow/pregnant heifer […]

Customised ear tags

Sample of customised ear tags. Customers can choose from different colours, their own print requirement. […]

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