We can piece together customised solutions for our clients so they are able to achieve their goals. Their needs and wishes determine our solutions.

Prevention and early detection of economic diseases (mastitis, milk fever, ketosis and fertility/breeding management) with a ‘one health’ vision are the key components of our approach. These are the main factors influencing the income of dairy farmers.

We sell innovative inputs which are easy to use by farmers and service providers for a reasonable price. As a result, farmers will be less depending on (para)veterinarians and be able to improve their situation, reduce their financial losses and reduce the use of antibiotics. Overuse of antibiotics will lead to the build up of resistance to antibiotics by bacteria in both humans and animals.

By bringing solutions directly to the farmers, we are thinking about the bigger picture of livestock keeping. Each individual solution will influence the whole picture!

We offer ready-to-go solutions:

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