We are pleased to announce to our customers that we are users of StrataGen. With thanks to Select Sires and World Wide Sires.

StrataGEN is a unique sequential breeding system that offers optimal use of genomic insights to achieve individual herd-breeding goals while also minimizing inbreeding.

StrataGEN uses genomic insights to categorize both daughter-proven and young sires into one of four unique genetic lines based on common traits they have inherited from their ancestors. 

Benefits of Mating with StrataGEN:

  • Provides a genetic audit for optimizing sire selection
  • Is simple to initiate and maintain
  • Is an effective tool to reduce inbreeding
  • Uses genomic technology to reduce inbreeding
  • Works well in herds using a synchronization protocol
  • Combines proven genetics and genomic technology
  • Allows you to better capture genetic progress
  • StrataGEN was specifically designed to allow herds to mass breed in a limited time frame!